Thalys, toilets and translations

I try not to spend too much time in train toilets (though I’m less squeamish than in the past, which is fortunate as SNCF still haven’t replied to my letter of July 1996 expressing horror that the ones on their Calais-Avignon Motorail service emptied directly onto the tracks) but, on a recent trip between Belgium and Germany on a Thalys train, my attention was drawn to a map on the back of the toilet door. This less than perfect photo (you try taking one in an ill-lit bathroom at 300km/h) shows a map of the Thalys network, including its seasonal south of France destinations. IMG_20160710_1628488952

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Eurostar and Expedia – a lack of class?

As a British person living in Brussels, I always take the Eurostar when I go home – it makes much more sense for me personally than flying or driving. But while the company doesn’t have to work too hard for my custom, there are several things about it that I admire: its willingness to use distinctive advertising that doesn’t take itself too seriously, a social media team that is generally responsive and engaged, and in general a strong and simple visual identity.

(From a fun and distinctive way of introducing a new route)

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